Lightning Protection

Pendrich lightning protection engineers are fully trained and can provide a wealth of experience. They are qualified in installation methods and design criteria which are required in the installation of a lightning protection system. Each system is designed independently so therefore requires its own solutions. This could be from the colours of tapes for aesthetic purposes right down to the type of fixing used to attach the system to the structure.

The material utilised for the installation is specific to lightning protection therefore allowing us to interface with existing systems which may require upgrading or expansion. Specialised earthing to structures, from earth farms, generators and fuel tanks through to surge protection and independent earthing for switchboards and comms equipment. Due to the new lightning protection standards BSEN62305, the procedure of installing, designing and calculating lightning protection has dramatically changed. The requirements for accredited design and calculating methods means the systems are developed and designed specific to the building and the purpose to which it is being utilised.