Height Work Solutions

Pendrich has developed from a humble coal village company into an international organisation, where any problem at height can be assessed, planned and executed by experienced, qualified operatives.

Based in Rosewell, Midlothian, we have diversified our service offering from traditional cloth caps and steeplejack techniques into a modern, high-tech engineering company, providing height work solutions to a vast array of structures.

Pendrich’s roots and impressive service record are important to us, as we have built an incredibly diverse client base. We have completed work at a huge range of sites, from historic buildings that are 1,400 years old, to high-tech, blue-chip industrial buildings, councils, hospitals and private sector properties. But what we are most proud of is the fact that, through decades of business, we still service the same customers.

Pendrich Ltd. is part of PTSG, a UK market leader that specialises in access and safety, electrical services, specialist building access, fire solutions and water treatment.

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